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Rainyday Boxers

Health Guarantee and Shipping
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We provide a 48 hour health guarantee. This guarantee does not cover parvo, or any other disease that could be prevented with a 7 in 1 shot (it is the owners responsibility to keep up with the puppies vaccanations), red mange, parasites the puppy may pick up (all pupies re wormed by a vet and started on flea prevention before leaving our kennel). This guarantee will only cover birth defects the puppy may have that we were not aware of. If the puppy has any kind of birth defect there is no cash refunds. The puppy wil be replaced with a similar puppy right away or when one is available. A letter and phone number of the ve is required before any exchanges. It is the OWNERS responsibility to have the puppy checked by a vet within 48 hours or Rainyday Boxers will not be held responsible for any kind of birth affects the puppy may have.
We will never under any circumstnces ship our puppies on a plane. We will occasionly do ground shipping from
We perfer that you or someone you know picks up the puppy.
Puppies come with papers, shot records, puppy pack, and started food.